September 18-19, 2023


CPD Accreditation Process

The HASA 2023 Conference is CPD Accredited

The CPD process will be managed by Medical Practice Consulting (MPC) once again. However all delegates will be responsible for managing their registration, generating their unique QR Code, and scanning this code to gain CPD points for their attendance at the conference this year.

Please note: if you have already registered/have a profile on MPC and have a unique QR Code, you do not need to register again. You will use the unique QR code assigned to your profile to scan for CPD points at the conference.

MPC Registration Process

  1. Register a free profile on the MPC website:
  2. Access your unique QR Code on the MPC website:
  1. All CPD scanning will take place at the registration desk for the duration of the conference.
  2. You will need to scan your unique QR Code at the stand daily
  3. You will receive the accredited CPD points for each session you have attended at the conference
  1. CPD Attendance Certificates will be issued directly to the SAMA-accredited MPC CPD manager one week after the conference. IMPORTANT: In line with the latest HPCSA CPD Legislation updates, CPD activity records for all delegates attending the event will be submitted to the HPCSA on their behalf to be uploaded onto the HPCSA portal.
  2. Delegates can still access and download their certificates via their profile on the MPC website as needed:
  3. Delegates who do not belong to a council, will not receive a unique QR Code, as they will not require CPD points/a certificate. However, an attendance certificate can be provided if required.