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Important Information

The HASA Conference returns this year, where legislative and regulatory matters will be the focus.

At the conference, we intend to showcase innovative clinical care thinking and practice from as many practitioners as we can and as we constantly evolve towards enhanced patient care. For this reason, the Hospital Association of South Africa calls for abstracts that promote patient- centricity and enhance evidence- informed care and demonstrating innovative healthcare practices.

Abstracts will be accepted on completed research as well as on current work. Shortlisted abstracts will be asked for accompanying posters. Authors will be invited to present their work as delegates at the Hospital Association of South Africa Conference in Johannesburg, 2–3 September 2024 at the Sandton Convention Centre.

  1. Patient-centricity
  2. Evidence-informed care
  3. Innovation in healthcare

Abstract Guidelines

Before submitting abstracts, we would ask you to familiarise yourself with the abstract and administrative guidelines following.

  1. Abstracts can only be submitted online via the abstract submission portal below.
  2. With your abstract, upload the entry and author responsibilities forms. Both can be downloaded from this web page.
  3. Abstracts submitted without the forms mentioned cannot be accepted.
  4. Abstracts must be submitted in English in 1.5 line spacing, using Calibri or Arial fonts.
  5. It is the responsibility of the presenting author to submit. They are the main contact responsible for communicating with other co-authors.
  6. The submitter is responsible for obtaining consent to publish the names of authors/co-authors.
  7. The presenting/submitting author is the person who will physically present the abstract at the conference and who is listed as the presenter in the conference programme.

Online Abstract Submissions

Abstract submissions will be made via the upload facility on this web page. They will be received and managed by an external service provider who will also provide secretariat services to the panel that will judge the abstracts and accompanying posters. All uploads should be in .pdf format. Any queries may be emailed to abstracts@conferencehasa.co.za

Failure to observe these guidelines may result in disqualification.

  1. The correct track and topic must be selected to ensure correct scoring.
  2. The content of the abstract must be related to the topic.
  3. The Scientific Committee reserves the right to re-categorise an abstract.
  4. Abstracts must meet international ethical standards.
  5. Abbreviations should be defined.
  6. Trade names cannot be mentioned in the title. However, trade names in brackets will be accepted in the body of the text.
  7. An abstract cannot be accepted if the “conflict of interest” disclosure has not been completed on the submission form. If the presenter or one of the co-authors has a conflict of interest, this must be clearly stated.
  8. Each abstract must clearly state the following:
    1. Abstract title (the title of the abstract must not exceed 15 words).
    2. Full names and affiliations of all authors.
    3. The name of the presenting author must appear under presenting author details.
    4. The presenting authors will be requested to leave a contact cell phone number and current job title.
  9. The presenting authors will be requested to leave a contact cell phone number and current job title.
  10. The word limits per required area of your abstract:
    1. Introduction – 50 words
    2. Aim/Objectives – 50 words
    3. Body (including materials and methods – 150 words
    4. Results – 50 words
    5. Conclusion – 50 words
  11. You will receive a letter of acknowledgement if you have successfully submitted your abstract. If you do not receive a letter of acknowledgement, your abstract cannot be considered successfully submitted and received.
  12. Please read through the rubric for abstract submissions to ensure you understand what the panel looks for in your abstract. Marks can be lost for lack of quality in spelling and grammar. The abstract will be reproduced for the panel exactly as submitted. No proofreading will be done.
  13. If you need to withdraw your abstract, a written statement reflecting the reasons for this decision must be sent to: abstracts@conferencehasa.co.za no later than 2 August 2024.
  1. The reviewers will judge qualifying abstracts according to the following general criteria set out in the:
    1. Rubric for abstract submissions that is available on this page and
    2. A standardised scoring tool.
  2. Authors of abstracts shortlisted by the panel will be asked to submit printed and digital copies of posters that encapsulate their abstract work.
  3. The posters will be presented at the Conference by presenting/submitting authors who will attend as Hospital Association of South Africa delegates.
  4. The decision of the scientific panel is final.
  1. Oral presentations at the conference will be about 15 minutes.
  2. Full presentation guidelines will be included in the confirmation letter posted to shortlisted candidates.
  3. No honorarium or financial support will be provided to presenters of accepted abstracts.

If you experience any problem or if you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact the abstract management team at abstracts@conferencehasa.co.za

All accepted abstracts will be published in the Hospital Association’s bi-monthly publication, Pulse. Abstracts that do not adhere to the specific format will not be published.

Important Dates

Abstracts submission deadline!

Notification of shortlisted candidates and Call for Poster submission

Poster submission deadline